Lucky to Find a Boswell

Winfred Rembert is an extraordinary artist and human being: an ideal documentary character, so thought filmmaker Vivian Ducat who met him at a benefit for the school that her younger child attends.  He had found a number of supporters and believers before Ducat met him and proposed first to make a short film for his gallery and then convinced the gallery owners to sponsor a full-length biographical documentary of the artist who learned his unique style while in a Georgia prison.  An overflow audience saw the documentary, ALL ME: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert, on January 11, 2012 at Maysles Cinema.  It won the Silver Plaque for Best Documentary at last year’s Chicago International Film Festival and deserves to be seen widely.  Rembert’s art is thrilling.  His story is disturbing because it shows that the cruelty of discrimination in his hometown of Cuthbert, Georgia lasted well into the 1970s.  His persona, however, is inspiring and uplifting.  The filmmaking is engaging throughout.