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Mar 25

Maidentrip Movie Review & Film Summary (2014) | Roger Ebert -

Feb 25


Feb 13

The Power of Documentary

Conductor Murry Sidlin's persistence in telling the amazing story of DEFIANT REQUIEM is having a world wide impact.  Here’s a letter recently received: 

I live in Scotland and recently watched The Defiant Requiem on the BBC which I found very emotional.  My mother and her twin sister arrived in England on one of Nicholas Winton’s kinder transports in 1939.  Sadly, both my grandparents and many of my extended family members were taken to Terezin and I believe both my grandparents perished in Auschwitz.  My grandfather, Otto Flusser, had worked before the war in the German Opera House (now the State Opera House) in Prague.  I sadly know very little of my family history as my mother was only eleven when she left Prague.  However, I believe that my maternal grandmother’s cousin is Jan Rocek who I was so surprised to see contributing to the programme and wondered if it would be at all possible for you to pass my details to him as I would obviously dearly love to make contact.  Thank you for any help you can provide and also a heartfelt thank you for making such a deeply moving programme, so important for my children and future generations.

The Defiant Requiem Foundation made the connection and reported: 

They have now corresponded and are in fact, related to each other.  The woman in the UK just wrote me the email below.  It gave me chills.  Wow! 

My sister, brother and I grew up believing that we had lost all our maternal relations and that we would perhaps never learn what had actually happened to each of them.  It is wonderful to discover that Jan survived and that there is a whole family in America who are blood relatives, and we can hopefully now look forward to getting to know them all.

Amid the Debris of Homs, a Guerrilla Is Born -

Amazing story about a documentary that made it to Sundance.  Now how long will it take to move this timely film to theaters and streaming distribution?  

Feb 08

‘Afternoon Of A Faun: Tanaquil Le Clercq’ Commands the Stage -

Jan 26

“"But documentaries are the art of the journeyman. They can be undone by too much ambition. Too much ingenious construction and they cease to represent the world, becoming reflected images of their own excessively stated pretensions." — Nick Fraser” —

Dec 20

Documentary Directors Roundtable Full Interview -

Alex Gibney, Lucy Walker, James Toback, Morgan Neville, Teller, and Errol Morris share insights on documentary filmmaking today.  

Nov 28

David Letterman - Ken Burns' "The Statement" by Rob Ford -

Nov 11

60 Minutes€™ Airs Apology on Benghazi -

Crucial fact in last paragraph: “One longtime layer of oversight — a senior executive in charge of standards who screened every “60” report before broadcast — was removed after Mr. Fager was promoted to chairman of the news division.”  

Sad to learn this after having experienced the valuable corrective that lawyer Robert Chandler exercised at 60 Minutes on my first story in 1984.  He not only countered the excessive enthusiasm of founding executive producer Don Hewitt but also pushed me to do further reporting before the story aired.  

Restraint or Repercussion?  No one wants to be micro-managed, but removing those who would regulate us — in editorial, financial or other matters — is a recipe for creating crises.  

Sep 26

Bill Moyers Interviews Jacob Kornbluth about "Inequality for All" -

Documentary Director Kornbluth felt “trapped in 24-hour news cycle” trying to understand income inequality.  True for most issues;  reason we need documentaries.